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The Music:  a splash of avant-garde electro disco, dance, and hustle with a twist of Bond, babes, and bohemia.

The Show:  a mix of uptown Las Vegas sizzle and downtown Las Vegas swagger.  If we were a film, we’d be noir.  A painting?  Tijuana black velvet.


Now based in Las Vegas, avant-garde electro dance group Fans of Jimmy Century originated in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2007.  After writing the song “Mr. Las Vegas,” they felt a strong urge to grow permanent roots in Vegas.  The song captures the eternal excitement and temptation of Las Vegas with a vintage Bond flair and seductive film noir style, all the while paying tribute to Mr. Las Vegas himself, Wayne Newton, and all of Las Vegas’ legendary entertainers and iconic figures.  What was originally supposed to be a music video for the song has now expanded into a full length movie directed by Billy Clift in which FOJC performs the title track & are featured actors in the film alongside additional popular Las Vegas performers and celebrities.  The film begins shooting in the fall of 2013.

FOJC got off to a fast start with the success of their first 2008 single, “Hot Sahara,” which climbed the dance and radio charts, reaching #23 on FMQB. Both “Hot Sahara” and its accompanying album, “Twist of the Banshees,” were on the initial ballot in the Electronic Dance category for the Grammy Awards in the same year.

“Hot Sahara,” & additional tracks have been consistently selected for key placements in several popular television shows such as The L Word (in a scene so steamy, it’s now referred to by L Word fanatics as “The Hot Sahara Scene”), Gossip Girl, Melrose Place, Remodeled, The Real Housewives of NYC, Remodeled, Running Russell Simmons, Community, Ugly Betty, The Hills, The Listener, and Samantha Who?

Popular 2012/2011 major feature film releases including Disney’s “Finding Nemo 3D,” Columbia Pictures’ “Bad Teacher” starring Cameron Diaz & Justin Timberlake, and Warner Bros.’ “Hall Pass” starring Owen Wilson featured “Hot Sahara,” “Lola Like This,” “Blonde Ambition,” and “Your Crying Game” this past summer.  Popular Brands / Advertisers such as Roxy Europe, Forever 21, and Zippo Lighters are also using FOJC songs in their 2011 online commercials/ads.  And last year FOJC collaborated with LucasArts, assisting composer Mark Griskey with the new Star Wars video game.

Fans of Jimmy Century’s exciting and theatrical live performances have made them a favorite on the West Coast festival circuit, sharing the stage with artists such as Lady GaGa, Robyn, Cyndi Lauper, & Shiny Toy Guns. FOJC  fans known as “Hotheads” have also been instrumental in social work, raising money for Haiti Earthquake relief, and gathering together through FOJC music purchases to assist future programs  in need.

Next single up is “Va Va Voom to the Moon” produced by Gary Miller (Cher, David Bowie.)



Top Singles:

  • Upcoming Singles 2013:  “Mr. Las Vegas” & “Va Va Voom to the Moon”
  • First Single 2008:  “Hot Sahara”

Recent Film and Television:

  • Finding Nemo 3D (Disney/Pixar)
  • Bad Teacher (Columbia)
  • Hall Pass (Warner Bros)
  • The L Word (Showtime)
  • Gossip Girl (The CW)
  • Remodeled (The CW)
  • Melrose Place (The CW)
  • The Real Housewives of NYC (Bravo)
  • Running Russell Simmons (Oxygen)
  • Community (NBC)
  • Ugly Betty (ABC)
  • The Hills (MTV)
  • The Listener (NBC)

Recent Brand and Advertiser Commercial Advertising:

  • Roxy Europe
  • Forever 21
  • Zippo Lighters
  • LucasArts
  • Google
  • Animoto

Radio Charting and Top Adds:

  • AOL Music Top Dance, 92.7 Energy KNGY San Francisco, 92.7 Energy KNRJ Phoenix AZ, Pulse 87.7 NYC, iPartyRadio, Beat 100.9 Santa Fe NM, Planet Music Portugal, WRVU Nashville TN, Y-100 WHYI Miami FL, WMPH 91.7 Wilmington DE, WBZC/Z88.9 Pemberton NU, XM Satellite Radio, Live 105 San Francisco CA, ALICE Radio San Francisco, Star 101.3 San Francisco, KVHS Concord CA, KAOS Australia

Speaking Engagements:

  • DJ Expo 2008, Atlantic City – Featured speakers on “Clubland’s Hitmakers” panel featuring Lady Gaga, Jes, Chris Willis, Katrina & the Waves.

Fashion Shows:

  • San Francisco Fashion Week 2008 – Designer Genevieve Primavera Premiere Collection Featured Runway Song “Blonde Ambition Red Temptation.
  • The Charity Fashion Show 2010 Stanford University – Headlining Performer


  • Grammy Nomination—Electronic Dance Best Single “Hot Sahara,” and Best Album “Twist of the Banshees”
  • FMQB (Friday Morning Quarterback) Radio Charting Number 23 “Hot Sahara”
  • Independent Music Award People’s Choice – Best Electronic Song
  • – Top 10 Dance Album 2008
  • – Top 25 Most Buzzed About Songs “Hot Sahara”

The Group

The Band:

Alicia Perrone – vocals, melody, lyrics

Victor James – guitar, keyboards, programmer

Madelyn Feller – backup vocals

Steve Walker – drums, percussion, DJ

Alex Leon, Jr. – Latin Percussion

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