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Damn, it takes us a while to do a new photo shoot.  We always put it off haha.  So here’s a shot from our self-portrait shoot and no, I didn’t bother to stamp out the remote in our hands.  Who the hell cares?  Spent way too much time on this already.  But I did have […]


hey guys!  so here’s the deal, if you listen to music on Spotify, can you please follow us!?  we’re making a run at the Spotify charts this year with our new songs and you following us will help us out so much.  plus, we can keep you updated right away with all the new songs […]

Unreleased Demos #MakeSenseAfterMidnight

It’s after midnight and you know what that means!  It’s the right time to privately push out another unreleased demo on our private family feed on Patreon.  Unlock the feed now:  FOJC Fans Club Private Feed!  We’re revamping this baby, but patrons of our feed can hear a sample of what it sounded like when […]