If it’s in the paper, it’s gotta be true, right?


VEGAS SEVEN MAGAZINE /JACK HALLOWEEN…standout was their newest song, “Mr. Las Vegas,” which captured the temptation and seduction of Sin City, all the while paying tribute to Mr. Las Vegas himself, Wayne Newton. Taking a break from their high-energy beats, Fans of Jimmy Century slowed things down a bit with a sexy rendition of Prince’s “Purple Rain.” The floor filled with dancing couples as the sultry Alicia Perrone added her unique touch to the vocals and guitarist Victor James (already often mistaken for Criss Angel) rocked it out. Fans of Jimmy Century is definitely a welcome addition to the scene, and we highly recommend catching their live set. (March 2012)


LIQUID ONLINE BLOG Throw Scissor Sisters into a big melting pot with a bit of Lady GaGa and the spice of Cyndi Lauper and you wouldn’t even come close to the energy and sound of Fans of Jimmy Century. (Jan 2011)

THE CAMPANIL / MILLS COLLEGE Lady Gaga is just the tip of the iceberg. She’s taken over where Michael Jackson left off with over-the-top, sensationalist pop, but the door to innovation is still wide open, and the things coming through it are far more eclectic, original and entertaining than we could ever have imagined. One of those things is Fans of Jimmy Century, a Bay Area-based electro-alt-disco-dance group. (Oct 2010)

MARIN INDEPENDENT JOURNAL / PAUL LIBERATORE FOJC is not another Marin band descended from the classic rock icons of the hippie era. They’re a breath of fresh air blowing from West Marin. And who would have predicted that? They may be new to the Marin zeitgiest, but their relative anonymity is not likely to last long. (Sept 2010)

DELI SF MAGAZINE The Deli SF Magazine/Scene Blog charts Fans of Jimmy Century #1 Electronic in the SF Bay Area. (July 2010)

SF EXAMINER / FASHIONABLE FUN BLOG Stanford’s Charity Fashion Show began with an amazing performance by band Fans of Jimmy Century. They rocked the runway with their strong vocals, instrumental prowess and powerful onstage presence. The lead singer Alicia Perrone had a punk elegance and worked the runway beautifully. Alicia said “Since we were playing such a spectacular fashion event, I thought I would be well-suited to appear as “the fashion risk” of the evening.” (June 2010)

THE BAY AREA FASHIONISTA (Charity Fashion Show) started off with Fans of Jimmy Century taking the stage, and let me tell you one thing– this girl can work a runway like no one’s business. …there in no denying that the vocalist Alicia Perrone has an incredible set of pipes on her! The rest of the band was great also! (June 2010)

HELIUM MAGAZINE Dance trio Fans of Jimmy Century opened the Charity Fashion Show, rocking an energetic mini-concert, and set the mood on fire for the rest of the evening. (June 2010)

PEACH WORLD BLOG / JAPAN Electro group Fans of Jimmy Century sets the world on fire! (Feb 2010)

OAKLAND TRIBUNE Oakland group Fans of Jimmy Century have adapted like fish in water to the brave new recording world. – Angela Woodall (11/23/08)

NICK FELDMAN REVIEW I like “Lola Like This.” Being an 80’s guy who is very active now, I can get into the 80’s flavours that this delivers coupled with its contemporary spin. I like its decadent undertones and its electronic funky pop feel! – Nick Feldman of Wang Chung – Nick Feldman Review (2010)

JANGO AIRPLAY STAFF FAVORITES West Coasty and fun, and they really seem to know what they’re doing on a professional level, which I appreciate. Bonus points: one of the members is a direct descendant of Jesse James. (2009)

XPOSED Their songs have already appeared on the shows Samantha Who and Ugly Betty, but it’s that unforgettable scene on Showtime’s The L Word that really caused a buzz for the San Francisco-based duo of Alicia Perrone and Victor James. – Steven Steifel (June 2008)

THE SPIN – FMQB RADIO CHARTS Another single with lots of great buzz, is the Fans Of Jimmy Century single “Hot Sahara” (Ann-Margrock) which moves #31-#23 this week on the Combined Airplay chart. – Cary Vance (May 2009)

92.7 ENERGY SAN FRANCISCO Dance Top 40 Radio Chart features Fans of Jimmy Century’s “Hot Sahara” at #31 and climbing. Top 40 Dance Radio Chart (2009)

THE L WORD ONLINE Fans of Jimmy Century steamed up The L Word this season when “Hot Sahara” was used as the sexy soundtrack to the threesome with Shane at SheBar. The scene was so sexy that the FOJC MySpace page was temporarily shutdown due to concerns about the racy content of the now classic “Hot Sahara” scene. (March 2008)

DANCEMUSIC.ABOUT.COM Projects I Can’t Wait for in 2008: Topping the list – Fans of Jimmy Century’s Global Domination. – DJ Ron Slomowicz

DANCEMUSIC.ABOUT.COM Top 30 Best Dance Songs of 2008 – Coming in at #10: Hot Sahara by Fans of Jimmy Century / Ann-Margrock Records. Imagine the edgy/alt sound of Garbage but with a stronger, distinct voice and you get the idea of the sound of Fans of Jimmy Century. Although best known for a racy placement during The L Word, the club remixes by Eric Kupper and Lenny B had us dancing all year long. – DJ Ron Slomowicz

WINTER MUSIC CONFERENCE Winter Music Conference 2008 Top 25 Buzzed About Songs – “Fans of Jimmy Century’s Hot Sahara makes the cut again. – DJ Ron Slomowicz

DANCEMUSIC.ABOUT.COM Best New Musical trend: Tech/electro is still majorly huge – but I forecast a new movement of dance rock. By this, I don’t mean rock bands doing dance music, I mean electronic artists going in a rock direction. Keep your eyes out for Speakerbox and Fans of Jimmy Century. – DJ Ron Slomowicz

DANCEMUSIC.ABOUT.COM With a musical style that hearkens back to mid-90s Industrial/Trip Hop acts like Sneaker Pimps, and a present commercial viability shown by the use of their tracks in shows like the L-Word, Ugly Betty, and Samantha Who, the San Francisco-based group are poised to take on the mainstream….and the vocalist, her command of her own voice is surprising, and while listening to the album and preparing for my review, I tried very hard to find a comparison. The closest I can come, and this is a loose comparison, is Siouxsie Sioux, but wow, you should listen for yourself. – Ben Norman (January 2008)



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