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Early footage for upcoming Mr. Las Vegas video!

While in Vegas, we did some 2nd unit shooting for our upcoming Mr. Las Vegas video via director Billy Clift, with 2nd unit director Randy Sterns and Victor taking on 2nd unit DP duties.  Two of our dancers, Helen Nowik and Aimee Dietrick got their showgirl on for the shoot doing some behind-the-scenes make-up shots (make-up by Randy Sterns)  Thanks to A_Rival for the loan of his camera… you can spy a few photos at Facebook.

Official video shoot directed by Billy Clift has been postponed due to cast scheduling conflicts.  Shoot dates & cast TBA!

New Video Shoot coming up for “Mr. Las Vegas” directed by Billy Clift

Stay tuned for a new video shoot coming up for our new track “Mr. Las Vegas” directed by Billy Clift.  Theme is Valley of the Dolls meets Fellini, so pack your barbiturates and head with us to LA and Las Vegas!  And we’ve still got our video for “Hollywood Ending” waiting in the wings.  We’ll release it when the stars align…

Dare we say…Eric Roberts to star in new video for Fans of Jimmy Century’s “Go Sugar” directed by Billy Clift…

2nd time’s a charm, right? Yeah, yeah, we know…we announced Eric Roberts’ upcoming feature a few months ago in our Hollywood Ending video, but crazy schedules prevented that from happening. Well, he and his wife, actress Eliza Roberts met with us Grammy weekend in LA at Chateau Marmont and the big wheels are in now in motion for him to be in our newest video to be filmed for “Go Sugar” directed by Billy Clift. Trust me, this role will suit him even better… Fast talking club mogul… and after all no one plays smooth operator better than Eric Roberts. Filming to take place in LA tentatively in June.

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