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Fans of Jimmy Century / Universal Music Group Dist. w/ Butown/Street Scholar/Bungalo Records

remember this scene in Pleasantville with Mom & the bathtub? well, this feels a little like that… this deal has been in the works for a while, but we’re now signed to and part of the Universal Music Group family thanks to our fearless partners – Butown Entertainment, Bungalo Records, Street Scholar Music and our manager Cheryl Schayer. & thanks to all of you who’ve made us feel like Mom in the bathtub. we wanna return the favor.

Free Christmas Dance Music Downloads >>> Remix to Dance to! Santa Jamaica (Jolly Old St Nicholas / Moombah Carol Mix) by Fans of Jimmy Century vs EuroTrash Collective

Download Free Christmas Music to Dance To!

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Early footage for upcoming Mr. Las Vegas video!

While in Vegas, we did some 2nd unit shooting for our upcoming Mr. Las Vegas video via director Billy Clift, with 2nd unit director Randy Sterns and Victor taking on 2nd unit DP duties.  Two of our dancers, Helen Nowik and Aimee Dietrick got their showgirl on for the shoot doing some behind-the-scenes make-up shots (make-up by Randy Sterns)  Thanks to A_Rival for the loan of his camera… you can spy a few photos at Facebook.

Official video shoot directed by Billy Clift has been postponed due to cast scheduling conflicts.  Shoot dates & cast TBA!

Mixing “Mr. Las Vegas” at the Palms Recording Studio in Las Vegas this past week

Just got back from Las Vegas after mixing our song “Mr. Las Vegas” with engineer Mark Gray at the Palms Recording Studio on 6/30.  It’s got that boom va va voom now…

New Video Shoot coming up for “Mr. Las Vegas” directed by Billy Clift

Stay tuned for a new video shoot coming up for our new track “Mr. Las Vegas” directed by Billy Clift.  Theme is Valley of the Dolls meets Fellini, so pack your barbiturates and head with us to LA and Las Vegas!  And we’ve still got our video for “Hollywood Ending” waiting in the wings.  We’ll release it when the stars align…

Pandora features Fans of Jimmy Century…

Do you Pandora?  Listen to Fans of Jimmy Century radio on Pandora…currently they only have the “Twist of the Banshees” album available to hear, but the more you guys listen to it, the more reason we’ll have to drop by their office and drop off the new album :)Fans of Jimmy Century on Pandora

Melrose Place features “Hot Sahara” on the CW!

Melrose Place will feature Fans of Jimmy Century’s music “Hot Sahara” Tuesday 4/13 on the CW! 9pm/8c (Episode 118). splasha splasha…drama drama. wear your skintight water wings ;)

See there website here: Melrose Place

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