Hollywood Ending

Hollywood Ending

Fans of Jimmy Century video “Hollywood Ending” was directed by Billy Clift


Assistant Director: Lawrence Iriarte
Director of Photography: Elson Ros

Wardrobe: Gina Marie
Hats: Kitty Andrews Millnery
Designs: Swati Couture
Fine Jewels courtesy: Katya Smirnoff-Skyy

Crew 152 (1st Unit):
Gaffer – Tracy Martin
Best Boy Electric – Nico Sotomayor
Key Grip – Shaun Morris
Mark Manalo – Grip
James Navarro – Grip
Blair Murgatroyd, Beatriz Aguilar, Josephine Dea, Alexandra Savio….

Crew: Raymond Doan, Ted Loebe
Additional Camera/Production: Angelo Ibañez
Set Design: Roger K Reid, Carl Hajduk
Kraft Services: Elaine Macaluso
Photography: Renee Jahnke, Paolo Diavolo, Angelo Ibañez (Ajapopfilms)

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Hollywood Ending | Video Cast:

Thank you to Richard Jordan and Mike Finn for their amazing locations.

Beach voodoo scenes filmed on location at Ocean Beach, San Francisco, CA.


Leads: Alicia Perrone, Victor James, Lion Bellamy Chiu, Sandy Schlecter, Edwin Heaven, Paul Liberatore, Russell Hunsberger aka The Mojo Man, Ronald Herman Symansky aka princeHerman

Sheena Motlo, Aimee Dietrick, Helen Nowik, Andrea Lee, Nicole Herz, Michelle McAllister, Audrey McGee

Zombies: Ray Ray Doan, Ricky Terry of ejector, Ben Holder of ejector, Russell Hunsberger aka The Mojo Man, Lilia Naia, Ronald Herman Symansky aka princeHerman, Kelly E Bell, Ruthanne Johnson

Zombie Drummers: Mark Griskey, Eric Barnett

Additional Musicians:
Piano – Phil Bennett
Additional Guitar – Eric Barnett

Engineering Production:
Victor James
special thanks to Mike D.

Song Credits:
(Perrone, James, Macaluso)