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“Lips On Mine” up for Grammy Nomination 2015 – Fans of Jimmy Century

2015 Grammy Wildcard “Lips On Mine” up for Grammy Nomination 2015

Hey you guys!

Fans of Jimmy Century has 2 songs on the Grammy ballot that are up for Top 5 Nomination this coming year.  We’re the indie wildcards for the Grammys this year up against a ton of major label acts.  The Bonnie & Clydes of the Grammy world rising up to the bigger traditional institution :).  We have less than a month to get as much exposure to our main song “Lips On Mine” before they announce the nominees on Dec. 5th…

So we’re reaching out to you guys for help, asking that you share our song, graphics, anything that can rev up the exposure and buzz of the song.  Let’s show ’em what all us independent free spirits and out of the box thinkers can do when we put our minds to it.  It’s totally doable for us to rise up and have an indie upset at the Grammys this year.

Use hashtags:  #fojcgrammy or #grammybonnieandclydes in your posts and we’ll contact you with sweet treats to eat to show our appreciation!  you’ll be licking your lips in no time flat…you can find the song and graphics to share on any of our social networks.  we’ll title everything with the word “Share” so they’re easy to find :).

Thanks for supporting Lips on Mine & FOJC!


#fojcgrammy #grammybonnieandclydes #FojcWildcard #LipsOnMine“Lips On Mine” up for Grammy Nomination 2015

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